Kick Off Your Shoes : The Benefits of Being Barefoot

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The benefits being barefoot are many but do you know them all? Read on and find out why you should be barefoot right now.

The benefits of being Barefoot

Often, the things that are so heavily ingrained into our daily routines and go without question are things that, if changed, could provide a number of benefits. In this particular case, being barefoot, also known as ‘earthing’, has been discovered to offer a range of benefits including helping with anxiety and depression, strengthening the immune system and relieving stress. 

Clearer mind being barefoot

The benefits of being barefoot outside often means you have to be extremely present and pay attention with every step so as to not hurt your feet on anything that may be on the floor. This allows for focus on what is happening in the moment rather than anything else that may be happening in your life or mind, giving you the chance to clear your mind.

The clearing of the mind can have a profound impact on reducing effects of mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, reflected by studies that have shown that walking barefoot in the grass releases endorphins and can help decrease mental health issues by 62%. 

Being barefoot means Better sleep

Being barefoot can also improve one of the most important things to us all: sleep. Whilst ancients believed that walking barefoot in the grass was the key to improving insomnia, many people still stick by this for the following reasons:

Things we are exposed to every day such as environmental pollution have a huge impact on our sleeping patterns. The earths negatively charged electrons help with circadian rhythms when coming into contact with us, helping to stabilise these rhythms which in turn allows for a better nights sleep with fewer disturbances. 

Health Benefits of being barefoot

Earthing can even offer health benefits as huge as reducing the risk of heart disease. Research has suggested that walking barefoot increases the surface charge of red blood cells, reducing clumping and in turn decreasing blood thickness, which correlates with a lower risk of heart disease.

As well as increasing the red blood cell count, being barefoot has been discovered to decrease the white blood cell count simultaneously, inferring a positive immune response that reflects how earthing strengthens the immune system. 

An additional benefit of being barefoot is the strengthening of bones in the body, particularly the feet and ankles. Although shoes allow for stability, this halts the natural strengthening of ankles and feet, meaning injuries are more likely to occur in the future if we do not expose ourselves to earthing. This is particularly important for children as their feet are unable to develop properly if they are constantly restricted and confined in shoes, which can cause knee, hip and back problems in the future. 

How To Kick Your Shoes Off and reap the benefits of being barefoot

One of the greatest things about earthing (walking barefoot) is how easily accessible it is to everyone. You can gain the benefits of things like yoga and reflexology sessions, for absolutely no money at all.

Some may consider earthing as yoga for the feet, strengthening and stretching muscles to prevent problems and injuries occurring as easily in the future. As well as strengthening and stretching the feet, walking barefoot helps with balance and posture. Additionally, feet contain reflex points to every part of the body, meaning with each surface you step upon you are stimulating these points. 

Although many people may view being barefoot as simply as ‘hippie’ practice, it is clear that the amount of scientific research surrounding the benefits of bare feet reflect a plethora of health advantages. Whether you take a walk barefoot in the garden or take a barefoot hike across fields and mountains, giving it a try can help you become more grounded and feel more in touch with nature and the universe, all whilst helping you become a happier and healthier individual so lets lose the shoes!

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The Hormona Team

The Hormona Team

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