How to Plan the Perfect Vegan Dinner Party

Whether you’ve been subscribing to a plant-based diet since birth, or simply want to accommodate your ever growing list of vegan friends, it’s always the perfect time to host a vegan dinner party! But with a large list of traditional dinner party fare off the menu it takes a bit of planning to organise a truly exceptional vegan-friendly meal. Here are my tips to help you plan a satisfying and delicious menu that everyone (vegan or not) will enjoy.


Like all dinner parties, it’s a good idea to start with a theme to tie the occasion together. Indian menus are particularly great when sticking to a plant-based menu and always prove to be popular with everyone (just make sure to keep spice to a palatable level for all). You could also think a little outside the box with this one and go for something like an 80s theme – all your friends have to dress up and the menu should have a bit of 80s flair (avocado anyone?) Don’t forget the importance of a little table decoration to really make the evening special.


As with all recipes, it’s the freshness and the quality of the ingredients that really make the dish; if you have the means, get as much as possible from your local food market to ensure your dishes taste their absolute best.

Avoid Tofu

Now there’s nothing wrong with tofu, however lately it’s become something of a cliche in vegan circles so why not try an alternative to really impress your guests? Jackfruit is a great choice that’s super popular at the moment because of its magical ability to taste just like pulled pork! Try making jackfruit caribbean style wraps or you can even put it on pizza, but make sure to add some quinoa or another high protein element to ensure your guests feel satisfied.


No dinner party of mine would ever be complete without alcohol, but be careful when choosing your tipple as most traditional wines will not be vegan (due to the non-vegan fining agent which is used to make the wine).

My Favourite Mexican Dinner Party (Completely Plant-Based!)

If you’re stuck for ideas, here’s a cheat for you – the perfect Mexican dinner party menu (as confirmed by me!)


Caramelised Greens, Coconut & Corn Quesadillas


Tacos Filled with Vegan Refried Beans & Asparagus or Baja Cauliflower

Wild Rice Mixed with Quinoa


Tomato, Cucumber & Butterbean Salad with a Lime & Herb Dressing


Coconut Yoghurt


Vegan Cheese (Grated)



Vegan Chocolate Brownies

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