How to be Inspired to Succeed by Traveling

Travel gives us space to assess our lives. It gives us perspective. It gives us time and breathing space whilst also giving us the chance to meet new people with completely different lives, cultures and priorities to us. And it never fails to make us realise just how small the world really is, but how endless its possibilities are. If you’re travelling this summer, why not look at your time away as an amazing opportunity to assess your goals, your happiness and your success? Don’t they say that travel broadens the mind? 

Talk to people

If you’re travelling alone and on a budget, you already have the perfect way to meet people: plant yourself down in the middle of your hostel’s communal space and start making friends. You’ll meet people living all kinds of lives and with all vast array of goals that you may never have even thought of before. Use their stories as inspiration in your own life. If you’re travelling with friends, chat to them about their dreams and ambitions; ask them how they define success and what tips they have to succeed. 

Job hunt

We all know how hard it is to effectively job hunt whilst holding down your current full-time job. By the time you get home after work all you can face is binge watching your favourite Netflix show. Suddenly it’s 11.30pm and you still need to wash your hair! That’s why holidays can be the perfect time to get your s**t together; update your CV, perfect that cover letter and apply away! Even if you feel happy in your current role it never hurts to look at what else is out there and check out companies that offer better perks and progression. And what better place to apply for jobs than lying on the beach in Bali or in a quaint Parisian cafe? 

Go to a networking event

Why not! They often have free food (and free wine). Look at different Facebook groups or use the incredible free app Meetup to find an event that interests you. We live in a truly global world now so start building your very own global network. 

Practice the language

Not only is it super polite to attempt to speak the language of the country you’re visiting (even if your accent is terrible!), but you’ll also find that conversing in another language successfully is great for your self-confidence. This self-assured attitude will transfer into your regular life when you get back home! 

Get out of your comfort zone

Go for a walk without your google maps. Try an activity you’d never usually do back home. Taking risks like this is key to success in life and business — start as you mean to go on!

Figure out what truly makes you happy

By stepping back from the craziness of real life you can actually spend a solid amount of time with your thoughts. Make a list of goals to accomplish in the next 6 months, 1 year, 5 years even! Setting concrete goals will help you understand what you value in life and what makes you happy. 

So next time you’re planning your holiday itinerary leave some space for self-reflection and don’t forget to be selfish, darling! 

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