Health Tip – Why Making your Food Look Good can Help

Health and the Media

For the modern day, professional woman, health has become very important. It has been a trend within the media with popular diets, workouts and celebrity endorsements for many years. However, many women still struggle with the whole concept. 

We live in a world where salads and other healthy options are generally more expensive than their fast food alternatives. This makes it very difficult for the average working woman to eat healthily. However, there are certain strategies that can be implemented in order to make navigating the difficult world of healthy eating easier. 

One strategy that has been popularised by the onslaught of social media is photographing your food. Yes, I know the stereotypes of the young instagram influencers and hipsters who get mocked for stopping to take pictures. However, this relatively new cultural phenomenon can be highly beneficial to your health. 

Making your food into aesthetically pleasing and photographable plates means that you are taking more time over your food and putting more thought into what you put on your plate. This means that you are more likely to go for more colourful food items which in general are vegetables and therefore are healthier. 

Another aspect of  this strategy is that you are focusing on how your food looks to others and therefore are under the social pressure to be healthy, which is beneficial despite the negative repercussions that societal pressure can sometimes have.

Making your Food Social Media Ready

While just making your food look good for yourself is very beneficial, actually sharing it on social media platforms can make this strategy more effective. Due to the social pressures that I spoke about before in this article. 

There are many foods that are well known for being aesthetically pleasing, and good to put on social media, such as avocado toast, salads and acai bowls, all of which are very healthy. But these are just the basic dishes that the youth of today tend to put on instagram. This method can technically be applied to any dishes that you might want to eat.

Making a nice roast dinner look more colourful through adding more vegetables and monitoring portion size will make it into a much healthier option. 

Go Out There Darling

Just to sum up, making your food look good helps you to make more health conscious decisions about the food that you consume, which in turn makes you healthier. Now I’m not saying that this is an entirely foolproof strategy, as well all know different things work for different people, however  this is a simple and enjoyable way of making a task that is part of the mundane everyday into something that will help you in the long run.

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