When we talk about “toxic people” it is referred to relationships, friends, and family. In everyone’s life, there’re persons that could be considered “toxic”, because of their attitude in life,  selfish “opinions” and even their attempt to sabotage the possibility of self-improvement.

In the first place, we need to define what a “toxic person” is.  A term that incurious me so much, that I saw in an Instagram post and found appropriated is “energy bat”, to refer to a person that literally “sucks” the emotions,  thoughts, physical and mental strength of another person.  This person is usually complaining about something, even when good things are happening, tries to control you, to influence your decisions and in extreme cases, they even take away your self-esteem. 

As humans beings, we are always expecting to change things that we don’t like about other persons! The bad news is that we CAN’T, or at least we can not expect a person to change for us. -This is experience talking- I’m not an expert, not even a self-proclaimed coach/guide/ guru. But I can say that having them away feels SO much better. After 3 or 4 months of course. 

I know that you thought that you will find a guide step by step telling you what to do in every situation, but if things were that easy there would be no toxic in the world, or they would be together in rehab or in a birdbox. 

The fact is that If while you were reading this you thought about someone, maybe that’s your person. At this point of awareness is really important to understand, what is that person doing to deserve our attention? and why do we think that we can’t live without them?

I don’t like numbers, but they’re useful sometimes, for example now, you will need them to add and subtract the positive and negative things about your “energy bat”; after this, you will have a result (obviously). Show this result to a friend/neighbour/sister that knows well your situation, just because maybe you’re not being objective with evidence. And then just try to hear what people around you are trying to say. (I’m talking about your friends&family, not the “bloodsucker”). 

Toxic relationships are a vicious circle that will never end-up until we really understand that we don’t need someone else to be what we want, that we need people who cheer us up, that help us to grow,  that people’s vibes have a direct influence in our lives, so we need to be sure that those vibes are positive! 

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