Get Ahead Of The Trends As We Say Goodbye To 2019

We are trying to figure out just how swiftly 2019 is about to be over. Autumn is here plus its nearly over. Winter is about to start. Spring 2020 will be coming soon. The transition is an exciting time for fashion trends, but I don’t need to tell you that.   

What I need to tell you is how you will be getting ahead of those trends to make 2020 your most fashionable year. This article will help you know the trends and show that you are clearly working with them in your own way. 

Personalise The Trends

Thanks to research, we know that luxury fashion brands have studied you very closely, “you” are also known as their marketable demographic. They have been listening to the how and the where you want to take the industry and they are prepared to deliver. We want authenticity in our goods so we can be as an individual as possible with all the humans existing. Expect to be able to personalise your item purchases. We’re talking monogramming and customising embroidery. My favourite of these is hot stamping. It will only be a matter of time before it trickles down to more affordable brands.   

Denim Can and Will be More Sustainable 

Denim got called out for its contributing, largely so, to the devastating polluting being done to our planet. Sustainable denim is coming and it’s coming fast. It is getting an overhaul to be produced in ways that are more eco-chic in a sustainable fashion. Get your hands on some cotton blends that are dyed with natural dyes. To keep it on-trend, opt for a skirt over trousers (jeans) in a neutral colour.   

Footwear With a Function is How You Can be More Fashionable 

You can’t mention sustainable fashion without functional footwear. We have all been living for comfortable footwear over ones that hate feet. You know the ones.   

This summer you couldn’t get more functionality as you are more fashionable with the choice of a pair of those Dad sandals. The Birkenstocks took hold of the summer of 2019, but winter is here and the rains of spring will soon be here too.   

Autumn is funky boots season not to mention the western look that is getting its revival this Autumn season 2019.  

Here come the fashionable rain boots, with water functional fabric. It means they wouldn’t be ruined when they get wet. The great thing about them is they are not obviously looking like rain boots. You will be able to wear them every winter and spring season. My favourite of these to take inspiration from is the Alexander McQueen’s Leopard-print calf hair ankle boots.   

Be sure to seek out these three tips in your own way. There are lots to shop and choose from to make it your own. So get going and get ahead of the trends for next year. Cheers, to winter and bring on Spring 2020. 

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