Free-Time To Me-Time: How To Find Time For Self-Care

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It’s our favourite excuse, and often our worst nightmare. The fact is we just don’t have any free time. Yet, when we are busy, we are in greater need of some self-love than ever.

We know that self-care is a priority for our mental and physical health, but whenever we have to stay late to prep for that meeting, or need to look after someone else’s kids after school, these needs go out the window. Call it selflessness, call it a day in the life of a working woman, but that doesn’t mean it’s model behaviour for looking after yourself.  Time management is heralded as an important part of our careers and home lives, so why do we slam on the brakes when it comes to self-care?

When we suffer as a result, the world feels it too. This means that finding a few minutes of free time is a service to the globe. So yes, book that massage.  And sure, we may feel as if self-care will detract from our focus on our careers, or families, but taking care of ourselves is proven to lead to some serious self-improvement. Only then are we free to be the best that we can be.

So, if you’re struggling to find the free time to slot in that workout, here are some handy tips to help you make time for a priority you should always be keeping in mind.

Schedule your self-care

You can schedule just about everything to the minute – and normally you get there on time – but can we fit in meditation for a few minutes?

But hold onto your daily planner for now; rather than thinking your routine has be rethought, consider that your self-love routine should be incorporated. Find the slots of free time, and consider the self-care that you can afford yourself. By setting this schedule in stone, you can avoid the stress that comes with wasting precious time. It also means you can be aware of the importance of looking after yourself.

If you’re still struggling to block in 20 minutes of me-time, try different routines you can slot in for some de-stressing. Bloggers rave about the benefits of an evening routine, and its no surprise: you can slip in a few minutes of unwinding before you snooze, and shut-eye is undoubtedly one of best ways to de-stress before the alarm goes off.

Finding that free time

If you’re struggling to find some me-time, it could be because your filling up your minutes between meetings scrolling through Facebook instead of deep breathing. Try making a note of how much time you spend on apps which may be stressing you out more than you already are, and you can see how much free time you should be giving back to yourself.

People are prone to neglecting their self-care routines because they believe that it is a waste of time. But did you know that participating in some self-love can make you more focused? By practicing activities such as meditation, or yoga, you build energy and a greater ability to focus.

This energy and focus can be channelled into the other appointments that are crammed on your calendar. And this could potentially make your day a smoother, less enduring trial.

We are all guilty of wasting time, it’s a part of human nature! But by recognising that this time could be put to better use, we can master the art of time management and create a more streamlined day that any working women is working towards.

Setting your goals

You’re a working women. You started at the bottom, you’ve worked the tough jobs and now you are rising through the ranks. Let’s just say that you’re ambitious. Take that same ambition, that same motivation that you put into your career everyday and channel it into your self-care. The perfect way to ensure you will stick to a routine is by setting goals that align with your self-love.

Working out is regarded as a great activity for your mental and physical wellbeing, and by putting an aim in place – such as a 5k event – you can find your competitive side and ensure that you make time for practicing those sprints. You can look forward and feel the improvement within yourself, and it will put on that smidgen of pressure you need to get things done.

Squeeze short and sweet bursts into your day 

Self-care is often regarded as hour long meditation, or drawn out classes that put a strain on your purse. But making free time for yourself can be as easy as finding a few minutes everyday for quick bursts of self-love. And to use those minutes to your full advantage, you’ll want to find an activity that will fulfil your desires. In order to find these perfect activities, you will need to assess your needs and desires at that moment. By looking inwards on yourself, it will make you realise the level of care you must afford to yourself.

The bottom line is, as busy working women, you need the self-care. Not simply to help you get a few hours of sleep at night, or clear up those zits that you get a few days before a big work presentation, but for your mental and physical health. We all know that depression isn’t something to take lightly, so why do we skimp on the de-stressing? You won’t be wasting your free time by taking a few deep breathes at your desk, you’ll be undergoing self-love. And you can’t put a price on that.

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The Hormona Team

The Hormona Team

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