Florence Given: A Woman In Power

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Florence Given is a feminist influencer, author and artist based in the UK. She is known for her unique illustrations and feminist writings, as well as her fantastic sense of style. As a Selfish Darling, I would highly recommend going and checking out her Instagram page here. But if you are not already convinced, here are some reasons as to why you should take time to be inspired by her.

4 Reasons You Should Follow Florence Given

1. She is a Talented Artist

Florence Given kickstarted her career with her individual art style which involves bright colours and beautiful women. The pieces she creates display a diverse range of women, making her art style inclusive and relatable. She also pairs her art with slogans and quotes which empower and educate; such as “women don’t owe you pretty” and “It’s a wonderful day to dump him”. The prints not only represent common values and inspiring quotes, but they also make for beautiful home decoration. You can buy prints of her art as well as phone cases and the like on her website here.

2. She is releasing her first book

Florence Given is releasing her debut book this year (2020), which holds all of her pearls of wisdom as well as displaying her beautiful art. This book is described as a perfect place to learn about the basics of feminism and learning to love yourself.

I won’t tell you too much about what is expected to be in this book and let you discover that for yourself when it is released! 

3. she’s all about Empowerment

Here at Selfish Darling we are all about empowering women and encouraging them to put themselves first. Florence Given promotes all of these things. 

Her main slogan “Dump Him” encourages women to break free of romantic constraints and to not compromise themselves for another person. “Women do not exist to satisfy the male gaze” and “women don’t owe you pretty” encourage women to embrace and love themselves for who they are and not what they mean to others. This is very important in the promotion of self love and self care that is essential in everyday life, especially in tough times such as these.

4. She promotes women In the Media

Florence Given has been a part of many important feminist movements. For example she was one of the people leading the way in the uproar against Netflix’s Insatiable. She has also spoken on live television and radio about important issues facing women today, such as harassment and social injustice.

Alongside this she has collaborated with celebrities such as Rita Ora and has won the Cosmopolitan’s Influencer of the Year 2019 award. 

Final Thoughts on Florence Given

There are so many wonderful things that I can say about Florence Given and about how she is helping promote feminist values. My favourite part about her campaign is that she is empowering women to not be influenced by “the male gaze” and to “look good for their goddam self”. These inspirational messages are helping women all over the globe. 

I highly recommend looking Florence Given up, whether that be on Instagram, her website or just a general search. Her ideals and philosophies will inspire you.

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