Five Tips for Coping with Change 

I am, self-aware and fully admitted, terrible with change. Truly. I hate it. But as a part of life, it’s inevitable and you have to get used to it whether you want to or not. But none of us are alone in that, and if you also struggle with change when it rears its ugly head, here are a few little tips: 

Hormona’s Tips For Coping With Change

1. Keep to a schedule 

As much you can, keep a routine going in your day to day life. You might have to adapt it or tweak it, but keep yourself plodding through the steps, we are creatures of habit after all, and the familiarity and the routine can keep you focused and calm. Even if it is watching a certain tv show or taking your dog for a walk, having a familiar and comforting step in your day to focus can make the rest of it easier to process. 

2. Let it all out 

If your scared, angry, anxious, sad about the change that’s comes about, let it out. Write it down, vent to someone, scream into the void, I don’t know. Whatever, healthy, cathartic method you prefer, let out all the worries and fears that are clogging your mind. Sometimes when things are out in the open, they don’t seem quite as bad.  

3. Support Network

A loved one, a friend, a therapist, a well meaning but oblivious pet; being alone in times of change is terribly unhelpful. Having someone to help you through it by whatever way you need them to, having a hand to hold through moments of anxiety and loneliness is never unwelcome. Remember to ask for help, we haven’t advanced to mind reading yet so unless you do, they might not know you need it and it is always okay to ask. 

4. Learn what you can

I, for one, hate getting into ambiguous situations of any kind. When going somewhere new or facing a new change, I like to know as much about it as I can. Research is my friend. And odds are, once you’re well informed, once you seen it from every angle and understand it inside out, it might now seem quite as daunting.  

5. Stay Inspired

Change happens to everyone and almost every great figure in history has no doubt faced a change maybe easier, maybe worse than yours. Someone, out there, inspires you every day to push that bit further, to take that step and survive that challenge. When change comes along and threatens your balance, find that inspiration, that person who beat the odds or made the breakthrough and use them, real or not real, to lead you through. If Harry Potter can take on wizard fascism, you can start that new job. 

We can’t be afraid of change. You may feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but if you never venture out of it, you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean, a sea.” – C. Joybell C.  

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