Five Inspirational Films That Will Challenge, Motivate and Move You

Have you ever finished watching a movie unable to move from your seat to switch off the credits because you’re still so wrapped up in what you’ve just seen? Some movies, especially the inspirational or self care movies are so powerful and manage to connect to us in such a way that they stay with us forever and sometimes they can even impact how we live our lives. Here are five of my favourite films that will either challenge, motivate, inspire or move you.

The Devil Wears Prada

On the surface, this movie looked set to be just another mid 00s chick flick, but The Devil Wears Prada, based on the best-selling book, is much more than it seems. It tells the story of Andrea, an aspiring journalist, struggling to find work after university (a narrative that is probably far too familiar to many of us) who ends up taking a job as assistant to the editor of the prestigious fashion magazine Runway. The film expertly explores the difficulties we face when first starting out in big industries like fashion and the hard choices that we must make.

Dazed & Confused

My all time favourite teen movie. We get a glimpse into the lives of several characters on the last day of school before summer in 1976. A joy to watch with a killer soundtrack, this movie is the perfect coming of age story which can’t help, but remind you of what’s really important in life: railing against the establishment with your friends (and of course, Aerosmith tickets).

La Vita è Bella

Life is Beautiful is an Italian classic and one of the most moving films I’ve ever watched. It tells the story of Guido Orefice and his family prior to and during World War II. Comedy and tragedy are expertly blended in this film as a loving father tries to protect his son from the horrors of Nazi occupation by using the power of imagination.


With the upcoming, highly anticipated live action remake of this Disney classic what better time to revisit the 1998 original? Living under the strict patriarchal regime of ancient China, Mulan challenges the status quo by cutting her hair, masquerading as a man named Ping and taking the place of her father in battle. What better role model for young girls and indeed for all of us.

Waking Life

Described by Wikipedia as an ‘American experimental philosophical adult animated docufiction film’ – stay with me – this film directed by Richard Linklater is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Among some of the themes explored are; the nature of reality, dreams and lucid dreams, consciousness, the meaning of life, free will, and existentialism. Whilst this may sound like heavy subject matter, the structure of the film makes the protagonist’s journey (and the watcher’s) feel gentle and relaxed as he encounters various people as he wanders through different dream like states.

Happy movie watching 🙂

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