We love the autumn and winter season. Changes in the colours of the leaves on the trees. The changing of the weather some love and some don’t, but I do. It’s the holiday season. With that comes warm jumpers and fuzzy feelings of togetherness. Let’s not forget the oncoming new year. There is a lot to love about the autumn and winter season. But we all know our skin does not look forward to this time of year. Each year you say you will be better prepared, skin wise, even if it doesn’t happen, well this is the year. This article will help get your skin so prepared it will be looking forward to the Autumn and winter season every year. How you ask? Through different types of food.

Food: Bad fat is not a friend

The word collagen has been thrown around a lot lately since the beauty industry has learnt to share its secrets. It has been working its magic for years to keep skin plump. Omega 3 is important as it is a major contributor to the production of Collagen. It is fat your skin will thank you for consuming. So try and get enough of in your diet. The special thing about collagen is the elasticity and moisture it will provide that makes it perfect for skin in the autumn and winter season.

Reach for food like chia seeds, flaxseeds and oily types of fish. There are plenty out there for you to find what suits. Avocados are rich in healthy fats as well, and don’t forget about olives and coconut oil.   

Food: Antioxidants

The dream is to build an inner super house to get that outer glow. Healthy fats will get you there by boosting your collagen. But, you need to protect it. This is where the antioxidant powerhouses come in to fight cellular damage. Food such as berries; blue, rasp, cran, black and goose are all filled with antioxidants. They are major players in getting a super glow for autumn and winter skin. This is thanks to their ability to fight off the harmful free radicals that attack our body every day. 

Rainbows are filled with vegetables 

The sun in the autumn and winter season may not be considered strong when compared to summer sun. None the less, the sun is still there with the same harmful UV rays. This means that your skin will still need protection. An added boost from the Vitamin C and Carotenoids found in vegetables will give it the protection it needs. Vegetables filled with carotenoids are great for building your internal defence against the sun’s UV rays. They are easy to find with their colours of red and orange, like sweet peppers, papaya. You are bound to find a few that you like.

Vitamin C in leafy green veggies will also let you get the glow from within throughout the autumn and winter season.   

Other Ways to improve your skin

Don’t forget to get plenty of liquids of the water variety, just because it is the autumn and winter season does not mean your skin won’t get thirsty. Try and limit the amount of alcohol you ingest this time of year and boost the amount of water. Alcohol will dry out your skin. Help it stay smooth and moisturised through the cold of the season’s air.   


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