Does Homeopathy actually work? Here’s why you should try it

The most beautiful thing about homeopathy is the idea that the body contains enough strength inside to cure itself. But does it actually work? Plenty of medical experts, homeopathic practitioners and patients alike swear by the phenomenon that before medicine as we know it, the body has the ability to self-heal.

Derived from the Greek meaning ‘similar suffering,’ Homeopathy refers to the ‘like cures like’ principle of healing – rather like vaccinations. It’s been in use for over 200 years and the World Health Organisation recognises the practice as the second largest therapeutic system in use in the world.

The most popular places in the world for homeopathy are India and South America but many people in Europe, over thirty million people, also swear by the effectiveness of the treatment. At Selfish Darling, we encourage anything that promotes inner strength as we believe that inner strength is the key to happiness.

Whether it’s your mental health or some aspects of physical health that could benefit from homeopathy, here’s how it works and why.

It’s all natural

The alternative medicine to the drugs we’re all familiar with has a method to the madness. The belief that what causes symptoms of a healthy person could be the cure for the symptoms in the sick. The natural ingredients such as plants, beans and flowers are taken to a lab to extract the ingredients that will cure an ailment. Without putting chemicals in your body, common ailments and mental health issues can be eased.

It gives the body room to heal itself

This treatment for mental and physical illness is great in the way that it gives power back to your body. It assumes your body knows what’s best and chances are, it does. Our bodies are far stronger than we might think and it’s always working to protect us from illnesses. Strengthening the immune system will make sure the healing response is at its optimum.

You’re never over-medicated

Working on the basis that “like cures like” like a vaccination, the doses are always small to encourage inner healing. You won’t be feeling any nasty side-effects and instead, you’ll be fighting the illness with your own body strength.

The solution to your problem comes from within

Even if you were just to repeat that to yourself as a mantra, isn’t that an amazing thing to believe? Your body goes through so much every single day and we have a lot to be grateful for. The same goes for everyday ailments that our bodies are capable of fighting. Although you should always seek medical advice when you have an illness, it doesn’t hurt to try and take away everyday ailments with a natural approach. And there’s nothing more natural than your inner vitality.

It gets to the root cause of the problem

Rather than masking the problem with a pill or a painkiller, homeopathy aims to get to the cause. Your homeopathy practitioner will ask you a series of questions including lifestyle questions that will get to the root cause of what’s causing your discomfort. More often than not, there is an emotional connection to our illnesses and once you find that out, you’re half way there.

It shifts your perspective

Any shift in perspective is a good shift in perspective as it allows you to see something negative from a different point of view. Whether that opens doors to positivity or hopefully to a cure, it’s always good to try. Homeopathy allows you to see your illness from a different point of view. You could understand that never-ending headaches could be caused by emotional distress, rather than over-working. Seeing things in a different light is always a great way to solve a problem.

There’s no one-size-fits-all

No two homeopathic diagnoses will be the same. Everyone is different so what might help you in homeopathy may not help another patient. Although we have to stress that using your usual medical advice is always favourable, homeopathic remedies are a unique way to see subtle results and improve your overall health. So to see if homeopathy actually works, it’s definitely something worth giving a go.

One of your favourite places to go for more information on homeopathy is The Homeopathic Coach. Its ran by Sam Adkins who’s been in the business since 2003, check her site out for more info and products!


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