Crystal Healing – What Is It And Does It Work? 

Claire Millins

Crystal Healing 

Crystal healing is an alternative holistic and natural therapy. In theory it taps into the energetic power of crystals, which then act as a channel for healing body and mind as negative energy flows out and positive healing energy flows in. 

There is no scientific evidence that crystals can be used to cure diseases, nor that different coloured crystals can treat a particular ailment.  

But, if you are a fan of natural health then you will be aware that when treating a disease (which by its very word suggests the body is not at ease) you don’t just treat the symptoms, you treat the patient. And that, in many cases, illness is a state of energy imbalance. 

Whatever your viewpoint is though, crystal healing is a very popular treatment and can help you relax. 

Here’s what I experienced during my crystal healing session: 

Review of my crystal healing session 

In short, it was AMAZING. 

I’m sure the sceptical amongst you are sitting there, tutting and saying: “What a load of codswallop!” 

However, I found it relaxing and revitalising. 

But what did the session involve? 

When I arrived at the practitioners premises I had to fill out the usual medical form, name, address, etc. Then she told me what she would be doing.  

The session, in a nutshell, involved seeing which chakras were out of balance, then opening up the chakras, allowing the negative energy out, positive energy in and closing the chakras back again. 

Once I was laying on the treatment table, fully clothed, the room was cleansed.  

The practitioner then gave me a clear crystal to hold throughout the session – she clasped my hand to establish a connection! 

Then a crystal on a pendant was held over each chakra centre to establish which ones were out of balance. As the pendant was held over the centre it would either not move, or move according to whether the centre was out of balance or not. 

Again, for all you sceptics out there saying: “Surely the practitioner could just wiggle it anyway?”  

Well, yes, she could. But seriously, you could tell which was a movement made by the normal, natural process of just holding something still and not (trust me I watched her wrist and hands like a hawk!) 

My solar plexus and heart chakras were seriously out of kilter. 

The solar plexus is connected to mental alertness and confidence and the heart is connected to emotions. And since I had not been feeling my best recently this did not surprise me in the slightest! 

Then the session really began and I shut my eyes and relaxed. 

I had to take 3 deep breaths and then she set to work. I felt her place a crystal above my head and hold it with her hands to open the crown chakra. After several minutes she moved away and placed the next (different) crystal on the next chakra centre and so on working down from crown to base. 

As she moved from one chakra centre to another, I could still feel the crystal on the previous points and it felt really cold.  I have to admit, I peeked when she moved away from the heart chakra and could not believe that there was no crystal there, because I could feel where all the crystals had been and at every single chakra point it was really cold. 

I then re-closed my eyes and continued relaxing. 

The practitioner continued working, but I have no idea what actually happened after I closed my eyes. Theoretically I know what she was doing, because she told me before the session started, and that was that once the chakras were open she would place a circle of clear crystals around me to release all the negative energy. The crystals would then be turned the other way to allow positive energy to flow back into my body before the chakra centres were closed back up. 

As the session progressed, my eyes were closed and I became more and more relaxed. 

It was then it happened! 

You know when you are just waking and your eyes aren’t properly open but you can sense them opening and with every blink see some lights and shapes, which get bigger and bigger until your eyes are open? 

Well … 

… That’s what it felt like.  

And I know I’m probably not going to explain it very well, but I felt like my eyes were opening, although they were shut tight. 

I could see them, apparently, trying to open, and it was as if a blind was opening. And as the blind was drawn back I thought I could see sky. There were some clouds, but on the whole it was blue, and there were trees either side. It was as if I was lying on the grass looking upwards. 

Then snatched bits of conversation popped into my head and just when I thought I’d cleared my head to relax again, up popped another snippet. I saw people too, some from my past and some from my present. 

And all the time, the blinds were being lifted, and I thought my eyes were actually opening. 

It is very difficult to explain and you’re probably thinking I’m making half of this up, but I swear to God I am not. 

Whilst I was lying there, I could not feel the crystal in my left hand and my right hand, although it was resting on my right leg it didn’t feel as if it were at all, and I felt almost like I was floating. 

It was only every so often that I realised I actually still was breathing, I would physically feel myself take some breaths and then I would be totally unconscious of it again. 

All this time the coldness remained where the crystals had been placed. 

At one point towards the end, my entire body went really cold but then began to warm up. 

Eventually, the practitioner took hold of the hand that held the crystal and asked me to take 3 deep breaths and then slowly open my eyes. 

Once I had my eyes open, she took up the pendant and placed it over the chakra centres that had been unbalanced and it did not move this time. 

I felt totally relaxed and at peace. 

When she asked how I felt, recounted the coldness, the eyes open sensation and the conversations. 

She explained the conversations were probably blockages that were freeing themselves, and the coldness was just the chakra centres working on restoring calm. The blind opening sensation was clearly my subconscious going to a higher plane. At this point, if you are sceptical about woo-woo treatments, feel free to burst into spontaneous laughter. 

There are, as with everything, after care recommendations such as not smoking, drinking, reducing caffeine intake and increasing water intake, plus relaxing, following a crystal healing session. 

If you are of a mind to try it out, I would recommend it. As with anything holistic it’s best to go somewhere that has been recommended to you by a friend. 

I shall be going back when I feel out of balance again, until then I shall enjoy being connected to the universe once more. 


Have you ever had crystal healing? I’d be really interested to hear your experiences. Similarly, do you use crystals for personal healing, meditation or protection? 

Let me know in the comments below. 

Until next time darlings. 



Claire Millins

Claire Millins

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