Crochet Therapy and Future Etsy Endeavours

Have you ever found a hobby that takes on a life of its own? The kind where you watch a video on YouTube, then another, and another, until it’s 2am and you’re browsing crochet hooks and chunky wool on amazon. I’ve had to buy myself a massive box to contain all the yarns I’m buying faster than I can use.

Thankfully, it’s not an expensive hobby because I crochet almost every night for hours at a time. It’s the one thing that provides me with complete calm; my perfect evenings of self-care consist of wrapping myself up in my fluffy dressing gown, playing Friends on Netflix, and crocheting until I’m tired.


There’s something so meditative about the consistent repetition of each stich and, being the impatient woman that I am, it’s gratifying to see my creations materialise so quickly.


Currently its been six months since I started my crochet crash course, courtesy of YouTube, and I’ve started making gifts for friends and family. Many of them have suggested that I sell my woolly concoctions; it always seemed like one of those ideas that sounds good in theory and you spend hours thinking about all the success that could come from it, but knew in practice it would never live up to the exciting expectations. I took the suggestions as a compliment and that’s all that came of it until recently.


I’d spent months of umm-ing and ahh-ing, before my best friend finally intervened, signed me up to Etsy, and spent ages conjuring up a punny store name. Now, I have an online shop awaiting its first flood of photographed woollies. The perfect excuse to dig out my pro-camera from its dusty case…and an even better excuse to buy more yarn.

Whats your equivalent to crochet therapy?



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