Childfree By Choice Is On The Raise: Is It For You?


I was reading what is happening in the world outside of my bubble and came across the choice of Childfree. It intrigued me. Well, I have heard of those who don’t want children. I did not know there was a whole term. It is a choice more Millennials and Gen-Z are making and it is trending hard.   

Child Free by choice is not a choice to make lightly, like couples who get a pet usually, a dog to practice on before the child-rearing begins.   

If we can accept the many parenting styles out there. Why is it such a struggle to accept those who do not want a child? I’ll tell you why. It is because we are hard-wired to reproduce. Even I struggled for a hard second when my bestie told me of his choice to be Childfree. “They say you can’t plan for little peoples, then again, you sure as hell can choose. I don’t want one or two. My mum will have to deal with it.” He says, in his calm, collected fashion while fanning his face. It was summer. His choice and I respect it.  

We aren’t here to talk about those who can’t wrap their heads around the choice to be Childfree. We are here to support those thinking Childfree could be the choice for them. 

Childfree By Choice Doesn’t Mean You Hate Little People 

You can search all you want for those reasons of why should I have kids and reasons to have kids with little to convince you. Like everything, it has a list of cons. Little people are interesting creatures and can be fun to be around, sometimes. You not having the instinct to want one around you 24 hours, 365 days a year does not mean you hate them. Instead of searching outward, look within you. Be honest with yourself about how you feel about little people. This sounds laughable but being honest with yourself first, on how you feel around them is better than assuming the feeling to not want them might mean you potentially hate them. Including, it is not your reasonability to remind people, when you explain to them you are Childfree by choice, is not the same as not liking little people.   

Plus, you get the joy of babysitting your sister’s or brother’s or friend’s little peoples and get to have a full night’s uninterrupted sleep. Except if you decided to drink a glass of water before bed because you were thirsty.    

Weigh Your Values 

You have plans for your present and future you want to bring trusion. Do not feel bad because child-rearing is not at the top of your priorities. It is your life. Honestly answer if you can you see little people in your future values who you want to give some of your love. Do you want to dedicate to raising a person who might be able to make choices to better the future of our world?  You can think of better ways for you that is beneficial to the world then child-rearing is not of value to you.  

Childfree by choice is choosing to not raise little people. It is not you choosing a life of lesser worth to not be defined by what the world sees as the only thing a woman’s aubergine can do.   

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