A Beginners Guide to Astrology

First of all, what is astrology? It is an alternative way of looking at time. Instead of seeing time as what we mainly know it as, it is the idea that what is happening in space at a particular time will effect our lives. The position of the planets, moons and stars at the time of our birth is said to shape what type of personality we will have. Instead of clocks and calendars to read time, astrologers turn toan ephemeris – a book the size of a phone book which shows every planet, asteroid, node and sign position from the year 1900 through to the year 2100.

Basic astrology takes into account 4 things:

  • The planets (including the Sun and the Moon)
  • The zodiac signs which the planets are in
  • The Houses
  • Aspects

Natal astrology is the most commonly known form. This type seeks to make predictions and analyses based on your date of birth. It’s based around the idea that everything that ever happens to someone was expressed at the very beginning of that thing. This is sometimes known as the Law of Beginnings, the beginning of something holds the potential that will be fulfilled throughout life.

Most commonly, astrology is known for horoscopes which are based around your ‘sign’. These signs refer to one of the 12 constellations of the zodiac such as Taurus and Leo. Your sun sign predicts your role in life, when you are at your best, these are the roles that you will supposedly shine in.

ARIES The warrior                  TAURUS The businesswoman                   GEMINI The communicator

CANCER The mother              LEO The queen                                              VIRGO The perfectionist

LIBRA The balancer                SCORPIO The financier                              SAGITTARIUS The explorer

CAPRICORN The success      AQUARIUS The networker                       PISCES The visionary

Typical newspaper and magazine horoscopes are based upon sun-sign astrology which is arguably the simplest form, as you only need your birth date to be able to get a horoscope making the results quite limited and vague.

Other significant factors are your ruler planet which can be considered more important than anything else. When your ruler planet moves through the heavens it times events in your life which are most crucial to you. This chart shows your ruling planet and the traits that they provide.

For a more in depth explanation of the planets take a look at this post by Astro Style. Another favourite for getting a better understanding is and The Highgate Astrologer and Sally Kirkman’s page gives weekly star guides along with great a introduction to astrology overall as well.

This is just the start of what you can begin to learn when it comes to astrology! There is so much more to learn in order to find out more about yourself and your life.

If you want to delve deeper into astrology then Carole Taylor’s book offers explanations that are accessible and easy to get your head around, it’s also super pretty to have around. Improve your everyday life with help from astrology.

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