7 Ways to Improve your Mental Health

mental health

Emotional, psychological and social well-being are all included in the “mental health” umbrella term. At some point in all our lives, we will have to nurse our mental health. Whether you are aware of a mental health condition such as depression, anxiety or ADHD, or not, practicing good mental health is really important. Here are a few simple and fun ways you can look after your own mental health on a daily basis.

Write Things Down

Writing down your feelings is a great way to self-assess your mental health. Using a Gratitude Journal to note down your feelings on a daily basis is like cleansing your mind after every day. It only takes 5 minutes of your time and goes a long way in making you feel good. It’s also a way of getting to know yourself and how you’re actually feeling about things you may have been putting a brave face on for. Nobody has to read what you have written but you.

mental healthMeditate

Here at Selfish Darling, we don’t think there’s any excuse to finding time for a quick 5 minute meditation. Whether it’s on your commute to work, in the shower or right after you wake up, it can do wonders for your mind. Focus on what you’re happy about, what you have already achieved and what you want to achieve next.


Exercise is the prescription for many mental health problems. During the day, our minds get tired from working but often, our bodies don’t get to use the same amount of energy. Think of physical exercise as a way of aligning your mind and body and when it comes to sleeping, you’ll get a great quality of sleep. It also brightens your mood overall and can improve memory.

Eat Healthy Food

Spinach and other leafy greens are said to be a great cure for depression and anxiety. The levels of tryptophan and folate in green veg help with Serotonin levels in the brain which basically makes you feel happy. A balanced diet overall will help you feel energetic and happy as well as make you look beautiful with a healthy glow.

mental healthTalk to Yourself

Maybe not full-blown discussions, but talking to yourself is a good habit to get into. Say affirmations to yourself out loud, especially when you’re feeling down. Another reason to talk to yourself is to keep yourself focused on a task. If you have a big project to work on or a long list of chores, talk them out with yourself. Giving language to your thoughts lays them out in front of you rather than seeming like a large, unmanageable mass in your mind.

Laugh More

Any kind of laughter decreases stress hormones in your body so making sure you have a good giggle now and again is fun as well as healthy. Have you ever heard of the saying “Laughter is the best medicine”? This is true because it releases endorphins, boosts the immune system and relaxes the whole body. Go to a comedy club, watch a funny series and always get in some quality time with friends.

mental health

Give Yourself Love

Caring about yourself as much as you care for others is the best gift you can give to yourself. We spend so much of our love and energy on others so giving it back to yourself is difficult to do. Take yourself out for a coffee, treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment and just get time to know yourself. Being alone isn’t a negative thing and will allow you to connect and fall in love with being alive.

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