If you’re looking for the secret to building your self-confidence, it’s that there is no secret. Life can take multiple different routes; some of which you feel very comfortable and confident with and others that are miles away from your comfort zone. This can lead to bouts of confidence and bouts insecurity but for many, insecurities are at the forefront of every day lives.

Even if you’re generally confident by nature or even over-confident, there are times when the self-doubt kicks in and can steer you away from plans or weaken your performance with some life tasks.

Everybody has some kind of insecurity and confidence is a constant lesson that needs to be learnt. Here are a few tips on how to accept yourself, how to act in confidence, how to love your appearance and body and how to live with self-belief.

Address what you feel insecure about

It could be in the moment or it could be a long-term insecurity that has always played on your mind. Whatever it is, address it in the form of words. Write your insecurities down using frank words that aren’t insulting or tell a loved one or someone that you trust and knows you well. For each of your insecurities, acknowledge the counter or make a solution. A lot of the time it can be to do with appearance or performance where you’ll start to compare yourself.

NEVER compare yourself to others

It’s possibly the most detrimental thing you can inflict upon yourself. Comparison to other people will never make you happy in the long term. Your strength and differentiating factor in life is that there is no one else that plays your part other than you. In the age of social media and instant news, bombardment with images and comparisons is rife and can take a toll on your self-perception, especially body confidence. Remind yourself that the internet doesn’t always reflect reality and can’t compare to you.

Look fabulous for yourself

looking great means feeling great and you don’t have to do it for anyone but yourself. Head to the salon regularly and refresh your wardrobe with clothes that make you feel incredible. Looking your best will help you exude self-confidence and radiate inner happiness. Power-dressing and making an effort with your self-care and grooming is just another way to show yourself love.

Forgive and accept yourself

if you focus a lot of your thoughts to beating yourself up or self-criticism, it leaves no room to commend yourself on what you achieve. Accepting what is unchangeable, such as your looks, genetic makeup or personality disposition, is the first step to loving who you are and your lovely individuality. Be kind to yourself, your abilities and your uniqueness. It’s precious.

Say words of affirmation

Write down words of affirmation and repeat them as a mantra to yourself every day. It’s a very powerful and effective way to change your mind. Repeat to yourself in the mirror:

“I trust myself, my heart, my work and my decisions.”

“I am strength and I feel my own strength.”

“Today, I am open to change and growth in all aspects of my life.”

Write down everything you like about yourself

Write down every detail that you love about yourself. Your hair, your sense of humour, your smile. Even if it feels silly, start every sentence with “I love my…” Instead of focussing on what you don’t like about yourself, make self-love your main focus and see how much it changes your life perceptions.

Make yourself proud

Everything you do should be for yourself. Although it feels good to make your loved ones proud, your main goal should be to make yourself happy. It’s easy to feel proud of family and friends but when it comes to ourselves, unfortunately it’s criticism that is the first reaction. Change your mind to feel proud of yourself when you’ve achieved something. Your self-confidence will soar and multiply as you learn to love yourself.

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