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5 Films Streaming On Netflix For Your Self Care Night


We all know that a good way to unwind and destress is to have a good self care night. And what self care night would be complete without a good film. In this blog post I will tell you about 5 films on Netflix that will get your night going.

Our Recommended Films:

A simple favour

This relatively new film is an unknown for many people. It is one of my favourite films so I highly recommend it.

It is a bit unconventional for the standard self care night as it is kind of a thriller, however I find that the occasional shock can make you feel more alive.

Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) befriends a mysterious woman called Emily (Blake Lively), but then Emily goes missing and Stephanie makes it her job to try and find her while uncovering many secrets and lies along the way.

‘A Simple Favour’ has more twists and turns than you can imagine which makes for interesting watching. It also has a few romantic story lines so the stereotypical romcom self care night is catered to, but subverted in exciting ways.

Lastly, how could you resist a film where the stars are Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick? We do love some empowered women, and this film is full of them… although maybe in not the ways you’re expecting!

A Simple Favor, Trailer

Isn’t it romantic

This film is very different to the last film I suggested. ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ is the film to watch if you want a self care night with minimal effort. It is your typical ‘romcom’ but with some new ideas.

it is a very unique film starring the wonderful Rebel Wilson. In which Rebel’s character Natalie wishes she was more successful in her job, but then, after an accident finds herself waking up in a perfect ‘romcom’ world that she has to navigate.

The onscreen chemistry of Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine shines through in this film and makes it impossible not to enjoy.

This is one of the films you should watch if you want to have a good laugh on your self care night and really unwind and relax.

Isn’t It Romantic, Trailer

The princess switch

Is it too early for a Christmas film? I don’t think so. I always find that if I want to make myself laugh, feel happy and relax, watching a Christmas film is often the best way.

Netflix is well known for releasing many unique films around Christmas. ‘The Princess Switch’ is no exception. It is a feel good film starring Vanessa Hudgens who plays two characters who run into each other and realise that they look identical. The classic ‘Prince and the Pauper’ story line ensues with the expected entertainment.

This is an especially good film to watch at the moment as the sequel is coming out this November. Getting in the Christmassy mood early is well known to make you happier and beat the winter blues.

The Princess Switch Trailer

Four weddings and a funeral

Now we all love a classic film, and ‘Four Weddings And A Funeral’ is one of the most classic films streaming at the moment in my opinion.

This stereotypical ‘romcom’ is a staple for any good self care night. With laughter and tears this film takes us on an emotional rollercoaster and is therefore the perfect film for a night of emotional healing.

If you haven’t seen this film then I cannot recommend it to you enough. But if you have watched it, then I strongly recommend that you watch it again and enjoy the classic storyline.

Chalet girl

We are going to finish on a personal favourite of mine. If I want to have a good self care night, I like to put on ‘Chalet Girl’. It has the feel good aspects of ‘romcoms’ with the added bonus of snow and a christmassy feeling.

This 2011 film starring Felicity Jones and Ed Westwick will make you laugh and cry, but also put you in a good mood. It may be a little juvenile on occasions, but it is still a good option for anyone wanting to have an uplifting self care night.

Chalet Girl, Trailer

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