4 Ways To Look After Yourself in Spring

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With the harsh winter drawing to a close and summer on the horizon, it is time to revamp our self care and embrace Spring.

Of course this Spring is quite different to past years’. With Covid-19 ruling our lives we need to rethink how to embrace Spring, while keeping safe. 

Here are 4 suggestions for how to best look after yourself this Spring.

1. Embrace the Outdoors

Of course with the quarantine in place access to the outdoors is limited. However, it is very important that you get out into the fresh air and partake in some form of exercise. In the UK we are allowed to take one form of exercise per day. With this wonderful weather that we are experiencing, we should make the most of that one bit of exercise.

Go for a walk around your neighbourhood and enjoy the sun on your skin. Or go for a run along a local path. Or take a stroll in some nearby woods. Whatever exercise you choose, make sure to appreciate the spring flowers and new leaves on the trees.

Of course, embracing the outdoors does not have to be limited to your one exercise a day. I am a big believer in looking after plants and gardening. Take this time this spring to dedicate yourself to your garden (or houseplant babies). Maybe try and grow some vegetables and herbs, propagate some succulents or plant some wildflowers. Whatever you choose it is important to embrace nature during Spring. With all this new life around us we should try and appreciate it and contribute to it if we can. This is more important now in the situation that we find ourselves in.

2. General Self Care 

With Spring comes the transition from Winter self care routines to Spring self care routines. No longer does our self care involve curling up in front of a fire with a mug of hot chocolate. Now we need to enjoy the lighter evenings and the fairer weather.

An important part of your self care routine to change for Spring is your skin care. A vital addition is SPF. Of course SPF is important all year round, but with the fairer weather comes more sun exposure and therefore more risk of sun damage. It is important to wear some form of SPF everyday to protect your skin; whether that be in a moisturiser or sun screen. 

3. Embrace Florals

Spring brings with it new growth and with that comes Spring flowers. Try and incorporate flowers and florals into your daily life to inject a bit of spring and happiness. 

Wearing floral dresses and having bouquets are two ways to enjoy Spring in your daily life. These also have the knock on effect of injecting colour into our days which brings happiness with it.

4. New Growth

Spring is a time for new growth. And with all this talk of new growth it is important to remember to take time to work on ourselves. Let the lighter evenings help you be more creative with your time and let the fairer weather help you with your daily tasks.

You can use this time to learn a new skill or simply hone ones that you possess already.

Final Thoughts

Of course I can talk to you about these suggestions however it is important to remember that while this time can be viewed as time to improve yourself, you do not have to put pressure on it. We are all feeling the weight of this situation so don’t beat yourself up if you find it difficult to embrace spring. 

My most important piece of advice for looking after yourself in spring is to listen to your own body. Do what you feel is right and what will make you the happiest. This is not the same for everyone so don’t compare yourself to others. 

Look after yourselves and stay safe.

Posted By  : The Hormona Team

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