3 Podcast You Need To Help You Be The Best Go It Alone Girl Boss Of 2020  

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You decided at the beginning of 2019 that you would start making those leaps towards what you want to achieve. To step out of your dreaming -planning phase. Now approaching its ending and the New year.   

Seriously, where was it rushing off to?   

Either way, the time has come for you to start owning your go at it alone boss lady status. It’s cool if you have not reached the stage to give yourself that final push to starting your business. Making the decision to becoming your own boss is a leap in itself. And, trusting that fantastic niche ideal you have is the foundation for making it come true.    

Not to mention, the days will be extended. The time will sometimes be demotivating. But, the help and answers are all around you to be able to support yourself.    

These podcasts can help with inspiring, shaping and framing your journey to be the best boss lady you can!   

Glossy is for the bossy  

Not sorry. Not for one bit, about the title because you need to own being bossy. It is a hard title to absorb, but there is inspiration afoot. Glossy discusses the fashion, beauty and luxury brands industry with the people making those changes. Expect conversations with crafters just like you who are responsible for the propulsive force in the industry changes. You do not have to be after being the boss of our fashion or beauty brand as inspiration can strike ideals from anywhere, it’s true. Plus, you can pick up helpful confidence tips with Glossy host Jill Manoff and Priya Rao.   

Yass girl, GirlBoss   

Women have been business founders long before it was a man’s world. Many women have expressed they are over the term girl boss. Agreed, women can be bosses, and the gender-defining naïve youth of the girl does not need to be stated next to the boss part.  

Even so, in the fight when women are still not seen as equals. Nor seen as capable of balancing boss and family home. The term should be held as a part of that fight.  

None the less they are not over the founder Sophia Amoruso and her company GirlBoss. She created a network to connect females in business with other females in business. So, of course, they have their own podcast show. There are interviews with many different bosses and industry shakers you will have plenty to inspire.    

The Women in Tech Show  

As much as women-owned beauty start-ups are shaping the future of how the beauty industry care for women. Women do not only reside in the beauty industry. 

The technology industry and other men considered worlds are getting reality checks too. Should you want to own a section of the tech industry with an innovative bit of algorithm or hardware material that will revolutionise our society. This is the place to see where you fall amongst those paving the way just like you.     

Don’t forget your SELFIE  

This one is a favourite, not because the name is in line with us here at Selfish Darlings, but it does help. No, it is a favourite because it is all well and good chasing those dreams. But if you can’t take time to organise yourself from the inside to have a right balance of chase and existing.    

Then, sweetie, you will be headed straight to burn out the city and no one wants that, right?

What’s your favourite girl boss podcasts at the moment? Let us know in the comments below!

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The Hormona Team

The Hormona Team

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