New Year, Our Year !

2019 IS HERE! We did it, here we are in a new year, with a new opportunity to bright with our own light. And I mean it, because every year has the potential for being the best of our lives! Isn’t that exciting?

I hope you had a good time with your family, friends, pets or whatever that makes you feel happy,  I hope you ate everything without thinking about being “in-shape” and I really hope that you  didn’t panic over-thinking about the future! 

Now talking about something serious, do you remember which was goal number 7 of your 2018 list? If you don’t, your just like me, I can barely remember what I had for lunch yesterday!

I guess we all agree that there’s nothing worst than seeing time passing by just in front of us and feeling that we are doing nothing to change what make us feel bad. So if you want an advice, an easy solution for our “Goals Hunt”.   Just WRITE, everything, that you need to do tomorrow, next Monday, next month! WRITE everything, and every time that you achieve a goal you will take your favorite colour and cancel, and that guys is just like a blaze of FRESH AIR on the face, best feeling ever! 

This new year give us a chance to accomplish everything that we’ve missed from 2018 and add whatever we have in mind for the next 365 days. So don’t worry if you lose something in the way, if you gain some weight or even you did not achieve that thing that you want, because you can do it now!  You can start from now. The most important thing is to challenge yourself to get out of that comfortable pants and be that person that you have always dreamed to be. 

So, walk, run, swim, fall, learn from mistakes, forgive people, love them again, fight for what really means something to you, create yourself, invest in new skills, unfollow that account, cry, exercise, be grateful, spend time with family and friends, go always ahead! And if something goes wrong, remember that in 2018 Ariana Grande taught us to say “Thank you, next”. 

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